Build, Operate and Transfer

Gone are the days when building a company from scratch and taking decades to compete the market was the trend. This method was functional but costed a humongous waste of resources. Today demands a more swift and dynamic approach which not only saves time and energy, but also ensures lesser risk. While the advanced technology has definitely made the world a smaller place, the process of setting up a business is still tedious when done across the borders.

The intricacies of establishing a corporate enterprise need no introduction. It involves a huge flow of work to bring a company into existence. From a task as minimal as company registration to the task of deciding business handover, it is a blend of risk and responsibility. In handling infrastructural projects of offshore development, there are multiple kinds of models that come to the rescue of entrepreneurs. One such model is BOT i.e. Build, Operate and Transfer. This model is an unrivaled example of business outsourcing which brings ease and convenience to big and small sized industries alike.

BOT empowers you with maximum risk mitigation with minimum loss of productivity. It works on three stages to set up your dream company. This model legally bounds the potential businessmen like you and us in a contract of we setting up your company and transferring it back to you when it is operational.

First stage is the most fundamental and crucial – Build. We at CrossBorders save you from getting tangled in arranging the unending list of tasks like registration processes, setting up offices, resource allocation, market researches, budget allocation and more. We work out all this for you while you invest all your energy in being the visionary entrepreneur that you are!

The second step of this model is – Operate. Our team of offshorebusiness consultants take charge of all the business planning and execution. Some of the major areas we exhibit astounding operational efficiency are payroll, employee recruitment and grievance, appraisals, operational strategy making, compliance maintenance and training in the organization.

Third one is the most anticipated step in the world of business outsourcingTransfer. As per the contracted period, the project ownership comes back to the owners. You get the legal and rightful hand over of a company which runs on your idea of business. We ensure that the transfer of assets and administrative hand over of resources and responsibilities is quick, efficient and fair.

This module has enabled us to make us make your entrepreneurial dreams come true beyond borders. Now you can dream without barring your potential with the limits of borders. We’ve got what it takes to make your dreams come true!