CrossBordersLab is all-inclusive caretaker of your organization’s health. It is an enriching incubator for visionary startups providing them the much needed support and consultation. It is a growth accelerator which has pledged to provide for your organization till it reaches its its full flare. Our care extents to nurture the startups during the phase of their inception till they become independently operational because first steps are smallest yet hardest!

CrossBordersLab is a go-to place for turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Whether is is staffing or strategy, finance or legal concerns, resource management or risk mitigation, we have got your back because we know no company is born big, they are made big! The world of entrepreneurship is battling for survival, we combat for your existence on your behalf till you become capable to take the head-on. Your sustainable growth is our aim and we ensure to walk extra mile to make you achieve it.

We are growth specialists capable of ensuring a sound financial and infrastructural health of young companies. Ranging from seed capital to professional consultation, you can look forward to us for anything that your young company may need. We, at CrossBordersLab strive hard to be your partner is shouldering countless responsibilities that entails an enterprise establishment.

Irrespective of te nature of your startup, we have technological, financial, infrastructural and strategical assistance for you in store. We blend the right marketing policies with optimized planning to take you one step closer to success. In us you will find a partner who pushes you consistently to build on your strengths and improve on your weak areas. An expert mentorship awaits to guide you, all you’ve got to do is- START!

If you are a young startup with revolutionary objectives, we invite you to compete, stand out and make space for yourself because we choose who we serve. CrossBorders takes pride in being a consistent supporter of budding potential and entrepreneurship. The journey of setting up a corporate enterprise is a journey full of gigantic challenges, but joy becomes double and troubles get halved when you have a trustworthy partner to share this journey with!


H-Bots Robotics is the brainchild of entrepreneur PSV Kisshhan whose vision started off as a dream to pursue Robotics. After being in industry for two years, H-Bots Robotics established itself in March 2017. In today’s competitive world, organizations are struggling to stand first and get its benefits. In India, in the recent years, Robotics has slowly been settling into a fine position with many innovative trends. It has multiple streams and platforms and research into the functionality and potential use of robots has seen a lot of action especially for various practical purposes domestically, commercially and for the military.

Our talented engineers are consistently committed to pushing the barrier between our ideas and real-time implementation not just in the field of security & law enforcement, but also packaging, manufacturing, FMCG, pharmaceutical and industrial automation. India, being a manufacturing hub catering for the world will give us the necessary edge to propel our technology with Robotic solutions for stark growth in this sector in the country.

Stumagz is an online social networking SAAS product for colleges focussing on Intranet Solutions like Publishing, Management, Discovery and Networking in a college and across colleges.

Publishing: Students can Publish their Stories, Events, Projects and Discussions.

Management: Colleges can manage students at classroom and college level by sending news, updates and tasks.

Discovery: Students can Discover Opportunities, Offers and Events across all colleges.

Networking: Students can connect with each other and follow other colleges.

In other Words, stuMagz is a one-stop discovery platform that enables students to collaborate with like minded students, share and showcase their talent and get internship and employment opportunities, besides keeping up with college updates and more.