Immigration & Emigration

Do we think of borders when we dream? Then why think of borders while making those dreams come true! CrossBorders believes that no talent should be bound by the country borders. We strive hard to make you reach where you want irrespective of where it is on the map!

There are two most witnessed movements in the world – Immigration & Emigration.Immigration is when you choose to come to a foreign land and settle there permanently. It is one of the most sought after movement across the globe. Whereas on the other hand, emigration is when you move to another country to live there. Don’t let the vocabulary confuse you. Wherever on the globe you are dreaming to settle, all you need to do is, let CrossBorders know!

When it comes to moving across countries, the loads of legal paperwork scares people. It is true, isn’t it? The whole ordeal of talking to embassies and visiting the offices over and over is extremely troubling. It sometimes restrains us to reconsider our decision. IF you are a person with entrepreneurial interests, here is the good news- we are proven experts of EB5 Investor Visa. It is one of the most coveted investor visa program and is more than popular among the businessmen across the world. We, at CrossBorders provide you with detailed information of visa categories and guide you through the process of applying for it. We also accommodate you with the information regarding agreements involved.

The EB5 Investor Visa program is known to pave a way to a convenient green card against investment. Whether you are looking forward to gain a green card for your family or yourself, we are the ones making it all easier for you!


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