I want to make a point and for that, I would like to tell you a story.This is an old Afghani folk tale, but, what’s the harm in telling a good story again.There was a small and remote Afghan village. It was not blessed with fertile soil, so the men had to put in hard labor to get the little crop, they did. But there was another reason why this village was called, a cursed village.
A monster visited that village occasionally. And whenever it did, it would choose and knock at the door of any one house. And it was upon the family, living in that house, to give away their favorite child.The monster had magical powers and it would easily know if someone is not being sincere. This would upset the monster. And nobody wanted to upset the monster, as it would set the whole house and the crop on fire. And so, whenever the monster knocked, that family gave away the favorite child and conducted a funeral the next day.
This time the monster knocked at Abus door. Abu had a 3 yr. old son that he loved dearly. For, he was born after 4 children, all of whom died. Abu had to give away his son, as he had no choice. He and his wife cried all night.
Next day when the villagers gathered for funeral at his house, Abu came out of his house with blood-shot eyes. He had not stopped grieving for one moment, the entire night. He asked the villagers where the monster stays. One of them told him that the monster stays beyond the hills, next to the valley and by the river.
Abu announced that he is going to get his son home and set out without looking back. That day after Abu left, the villagers conducted 2 funerals Abu and his son.
For no man ever set out on the monster hunt and returned alive.
Abu walked and walked and walked. Whenever he was awake he walked. And in 3 months he reached the monsters castle. When he finally reached his destination, he was jubilant, but also full of rage. Though the monster was many times stronger than Abu, he was not frightened anymore.
He entered the gates and went straight into the castle. When he finally met the monster, he had only one question where is my son?” The monster looked at Abu once and then lifted him up in the air. Abu was too weak to fight. So he just looked up and to his surprise there was a window.
When he looked through the window, he saw there was a beautiful garden out there. One, full of fruit trees and flower beds. Abu saw kids running around and playing happily in this garden. There he saw his son, playing with his friends and sharing a fruit.
The monster let Abu down and Abu broke down. He was very happy. He saw his son in the best of his health. Then the monster said You can take your son if you want to, but he may never return.
Abu thought for a moment and said I would leave with the thought that my son is alive and is in a better place
And the monster replied, “And your reward is the knowledge, that your son is in a better place. In here, he would be provided the best education and once he is ready, he would come looking for you, as you came looking for him. But you shall not tell this to anyone in the village for they have already given up and conducted funerals”
Abu said, “Well, even if I did they would think I lost my mind.” Listening to this the monster laughed and so did Abu. Abu returned home a happier man.
And the point I wanted to make is – that an organizational change is always threatening. But, only those who do not give up and work their way through it are the ones who would realize, that they are moving into a better future.
While, the others might warn you or scare you it’s upon yourself to find your own truth, your own solution. As that is the only way to educate yourself and be aware of your future.